Friday, December 7, 2012

Just a quick doodle. I've been lucky enough to do some concept for an unannounced project here at gameloft and hope to keep doing it ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Proc.Mat Update 1.2

This update finally gives you the opportunity to RGB on you Normal/Gradient Map Combo cutting half the memory footprint from RGBA at the cost of just 2 additional instructions.

Now TC_Default compression for Blue channel is way stronger then for the Alpha so be prepared to sharpen, contrast or increase the size of your gradient maps if need be. Or you could always use the Alpha shaders that I'll also keep as a separate download: 

It feels like I've done all I wanted to with this shader, so now I'll just have to look at the tests and how you guys use and figure out if there's anything I'd like to add or fix. So feel free to share.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Proc.Mat Update 1.1

Updated the example package - make sure to grab it!
Trimmed the gradient mapping code down to the bare bones. This definitely should run even smoother. I'll post some test results soon.
I also redid the naming conventions to bear more logic and gave you guys more variations of mats for maximum flexibility.
I hope it comes in handy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Procedural" Materials

Ok, now since I was hoping to post here some updates for my "procedural" shaders, I thought I should go into some theory behind it in case some folks around here haven't seen it.

Here's a comprehensive paper that describes the theory behind, both technical and artistic, click the image to get to it:

Now I have a few optimizations in my mind for the shader that I have to get to. Also, watching how the amazing people of the internet put it to use gives me some other ideas on how I can optimize this tech and make it more user friendly. I'll try to get on to it after I get a little rest.

Have a great day : )


Hey there!
I'm Andrew Maximov and this'll be my little blog. Nice to meet you!
I make games and art :) A few pieces of my work:

 This blog came to be because I needed a place to share the info on improvements and uses of the "procedural" materials technique that I'm giving away right here:

I figured it also would be nicer to have a blog for a sketchbook then a forum thread so feel free to expect some paintings in addition to the shader sweetness we'll be discussing here.