Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Procedural" Materials

Ok, now since I was hoping to post here some updates for my "procedural" shaders, I thought I should go into some theory behind it in case some folks around here haven't seen it.

Here's a comprehensive paper that describes the theory behind, both technical and artistic, click the image to get to it:

Now I have a few optimizations in my mind for the shader that I have to get to. Also, watching how the amazing people of the internet put it to use gives me some other ideas on how I can optimize this tech and make it more user friendly. I'll try to get on to it after I get a little rest.

Have a great day : )


Hey there!
I'm Andrew Maximov and this'll be my little blog. Nice to meet you!
I make games and art :) A few pieces of my work:

 This blog came to be because I needed a place to share the info on improvements and uses of the "procedural" materials technique that I'm giving away right here:

I figured it also would be nicer to have a blog for a sketchbook then a forum thread so feel free to expect some paintings in addition to the shader sweetness we'll be discussing here.